Nonsta Ishida screenplay’s participatory comedy distribution decision “something comparable to a live stage”

It was revealed on May 22 that the audience-participatory new sense comedy “Residents of The Translation Ali Property Nozokimiso”, written and starred by Akira Ishida of the comedy duo NON STYLE, will be broadcast live on May 30, in the ticket-based live feature “Premiere” of the live streaming service “Twitcasting”.

“Residents of The Translation Ali Property Nozokimiso” distribution decision

This is a new-sense comedy in which performers dressed as residents of the apartment “NozoKimiso” use the online meeting tool Zoom to describe the screen as a room and progress the story. Viewers can use the “comment function” to send requests to performers, and the ad-lib element that the performers react to is also enjoyable.

The stage is apartment NozoKimiso, a 2-minute walk from Shibuya Station. Although the age is old, there is a moderate size. Nevertheless, the rent is only 10,000 yen. There are three reasons for the cheapness: “amazingly ghosts,” “they are always being watched by surveillance cameras,” and “the images are delivered live on an irregular basis.” Only the person who accepted it lives. Ishida is a janitor.

Viewers take a peek at the surveillance camera footage, or the ghost who settles in Nozokimiso. The person who wants to become a nozoki ma- is a peep, and the person who wants to become a ghost is a comment “Words i want to say” and “Action that I want you to do” freely post, and the residents of Nozokimiso might respond to it!?

In addition to the starring Ishida, Kumamasashi, broadcast! ! Fuminori Fusano, Nao Hashimoto, Gerardn Takeshi, Korokoro Chikichi Peppers Nadal, Ito Shuko and Tanikawa Airi. Unique characters liven up the story.

The comments of the performers, including Ishida, who is the screenplay and starring, are as follows.

Non STYLE Akira Ishida
The current lack of entertainment is for both the outing and the viewer.
I want to create an environment where i can laugh for the sake of “laughing, laughing, laughing, and laughing” for my right name.
I want to make it an environment where you can laugh. To be honest, I thought that there was nothing more interesting than the stage of the raw (nama).”
However, under the influence of corona, “I came to want to make something interesting comparable to the stage of the raw (nama).
And, what I want to make is a stage “Half life (Hannama) stage” which is raw (nama) and is not raw (nama). I launched this project with the hope that I could help you with your life with a smile on the stage.
Everyone, please come and take a breather.

There is a reason. I will stay if it is easy to live. If it’s hard to live, I’ll move. But maybe I’ll stay!?
Because the janitor is a good person.

♦Broadcast!! Fuminori Fusano
The project that Mr. Ishida calls to me is always fun to be bottomed out of. This setting and the members are also the best.
Everyone, please take a look at NozoKimiso!

♦Ginshari Hashimoto Nao
I just moved in because it was too cheap for an unexpected property. I’m full of excitement and excitement in this experimental and unknown endeavor!

■Gerardn Nisto
I’m usually a person on the side of peeping! I’m not used to being peeped, so I don’t know what’s going to happen! Hmmm!

■Korokoro Chikichi Peppers Nadal
I don’t know what to do, but i’m probably upset!!

Shuko Ito
Recently i’m online with something. I have tried something similar only once, but I’m still unfamiliar with the voice or becoming uneasy and approaching the screen more than necessary. I’d like to move in if i ever go online with something. First of all, the room is too rough and I don’t know where to start.
I’m worried about being able to speak until the delivery because it’s a story that suddenly got off at this time, so I’ll say a thing to myself from now on.

♦Tanigawa Airi
I will be performing in a comedy written by Mr. Ishida for the first time. Online comedy, ad lib element is a lot, i’m really excited about what will happen from now on! Yuni, ghost、、、!? What the hell happens in “NozoKimiso”!? Please make your nozo kimi by all means! I’m looking forward to it!!

Yoshimoto Kogyo is currently developing a “#吉本自宅劇場” where you can enjoy content at home. “Residents of The Translation Ali Property Nozokimiso” will be held on May 30 at “Twitcasting” ticket-based live function “Premier Delivery” (2 performances at 18:30 and 20:30). 1,500 yen per performance.