Olympic son’s decision to cancel tokyo Olympics

“The Decision to Succeed at the Tokyo Olympics” May 22 at 13:51

Mr. Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, expressed the recognition that if the Tokyo Olympics could not be held next year, the event would be cancelled, and The Minister of Olympic and Paralympic Games, Hashimoto, expressed his determination to succeed next year.
IOC president Bach said in an interview with The BBC, a British public broadcaster, that if the spread of the new coronavirus does not converge and the Tokyo Olympics cannot be held next year, the games will be cancelled.

At a press conference, Mr. Hashimoto, minister in charge of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, said at a press conference that “president Bach’s strong determination toward the success of next year’s Tokyo Games” was not a statement with the suspension in mind.

Mr. Bach also said in a meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that he had been told that the last option was to postpone next year, saying, “I attended the telephone meeting, but there was no talk of what i could do in a year’s time, and i was determined to do it for next year’s success.”