Opposition party requests allowance for nursing care and welfare workers in supplementary budget proposal Corona Virus

Opposition Party Requests Allowance for Nursing care and Welfare Workers in The Revised Budget Proposal Corona Virus May 22 at 17:45

A liaison council between the government and the ruling and opposition parties on how to deal with the new coronavirus was held, and opposition parties issued an opinion calling for the provision of allowances to people working in the nursing and welfare sites in the Second Amendment budget proposal.
At the liaison meeting held within the Diet, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Nishimura from the government, policy chiefs from the ruling and opposition parties attended, and the opposition parties requested a draft budget for the Second Amendment, which the government is working on.

Of these, the Constitutional Democratic Party and other factions called for allowances for those who work in nursing care and welfare sites who continue to work at risk of infection.

He also called for the creation of a fund to secure human resources in school sites to catch up on children’s learning due to school closures, and to promote culture and the arts, which have been forced to refrain from self-imposed activities at events.

In addition, the Japan Restoration Association called for sufficient securing the scale of the Second Amendment budget proposal in preparation for the spread of infection again, and the Communist Party called for the enhancement of the PCR inspection system to accurately understand the actual situation of the infection.

Mr. Aisaka, chairman of the Constitutional Democratic Party, told reporters, “Support for culture and the arts has been shared by both the ruling and opposition parties, and the rest is a matter of fiscal measures. In the field of nursing care and welfare, the risk of infection is high and the allowance needs to be considered.”