Osaka Long line in department store with undeclared club “business recognition”

Osaka Long line in department store with undeclared club “business approved” May 22 19:48

On the day after the declaration of a state of emergency was lifted, many people were shopping at department stores that had already reopened in Osaka Umeda, a commercial area.
There were long lines of people waiting to open at 11 a.m. at Hankyu Umeda Head Office.

A woman in her 70s from Nara Prefecture said, “I had refrained from going out as much as possible after the emergency was declared, so it’s been about two months since I came to the department store. I’m frankly happy that the declaration was lifted because I like to go out, but I’m careful about preventing infection, such as wearing a mask all the time.”

A woman with a contract employee who lives in Kyoto Prefecture said, “I’m relieved that the state of emergency has finally been lifted. The number of people going out is increasing and the city is getting more and more lively, and we are returning to life as usual, but we are worried about infection, so we are continuing to take measures such as hand washing and gargling.”

A 20-year-old male college student who came to Umeda for a reopened part-time job said, “My friends have lost their part-time job, so everyone says that life is hard. The train is crowded today, and I’m worried that the number of people going out suddenly will spread again.”

Club following the request for closure “Allow business even for a short time”

When Osaka Prefecture foresaw the cancellation of a request for a holiday for a restaurant with entertainment, a request for business was accepted in Kitashinchi, one of Osaka’s leading downtown areas.

Kazue Yamana, the manager of Club Yamana, a long-established club in Kitashinchi, has been running the store for more than 50 years, but has been closed since January 1 due to the spread of the infection.

Osaka Prefecture has postponed the cancellation of the request for closure to restaurants with entertainment, although it aims to resume operations by taking measures to prevent infection, such as placing disinfectants at the entrance of stores and increasing the number of ventilation.

Mr. Yamana said, “The staff who work only at this store have no income and are in a difficult situation. If things are coming to an end, i would appreciate it if you could accept the sales as soon as possible and even for a short period of time.”