President Trump’s masked factory visit, this time, masked

President Trump’s masked factory visit, this time, masked May 22 at 12:09

As the number of people infected with the new coronavirus increases in the United States, President Trump visited a plant that manufactures ventilators in midwestern Michigan. The factory was required to wear masks, and the president’s response, which is reportedly a dislike for masks, attracted attention, but he did not wear them in front of reporters.

President Trump visited a plant in Michigan on Sunday where ford, a major automaker, began manufacturing ventilators last month to cope with the spread of the infection.

The factory is usually required to wear a mask, but President Trump, who visited the site, showed up without a mask in front of reporters.

Meanwhile, all of the Ford officials who guided the president were wearing masks.

President Trump said, “I was wearing it in an area where I was told to wear it from the Ford side. I just don’t want to show my mask to the media and please.”

Then, with the mask i brought in my hand, I said that wearing a mask would look better, but in the end, I didn’t show any masks.

President Trump is expected to show voters that he is wary of the infection, saying the spread of the infection is being suppressed and that he is in a hurry to resume economic activity.