‘Promea’ Rio Fortia becomes nendoroid

Scheduled to be released in October 2020 “Nendoroid Rio Fortia” 4,182 yen (excluding tax)

From the animated film “Promea”, “Rio Fortia” is three-dimensional in the 2.5-life deformed figure Nendoroid series, will be released in October 2020. The price is JPY 4,182 .tax excluded.[Nendoroid Rio Fortia]is a figure that is three-dimensional as nendoroid rio fortia of the race “Burnish” that manipulates the flame. Under the full supervision of Mr. Koyama Shigeto and the production studio TRIGGER, which is engaged in the character design of “Promea”, it has become a finish that brings out the charm of Rio to the fullest.

Replacement facial expression parts are available two types of[normal face]and “smile”. In addition, as an optional part[effect parts of burnish flare][Burnish Sword][handcuffs of the moment frozen bullet]is attached.

(C) TRIGGER, Kazuki Nakajima/XFLAG