Psychiatry to examine only at night… A doctor with left-body paralysis confronts a mentally ill young man

Fuji TV’s documentary program “The Nonfiction” (14:00 every Sunday * Kanto local) will broadcast “The Clinic of the Heart that Opens Only at Night: A Story of a Difficult Time to Live” in close contact with a psychiatric clinic that examines only at night.

Mr. Tetsuya Katagami, Director of “Owl Clinic”, Provided by Fuji TV

Located in the downtown American village of Minami, Osaka, the Aul Clinic is a psychiatric clinic that examines only at night, which is rare in Japan. Nearly 4,000 patients have visited the hospital for six years.

Many of the patients are young people in their 20s and 40s and in the prime of their lives. “I can’t sleep,” “I’ve been harassed by my company,” “I’m worried about my relationship with my family,” “I don’t know what it means to live,” and “I don’t know what it means to be alive,” lgbt, underground idols, foreigners, teachers, doctors… People with various occupations and positions come to the dawn of the darkness of the heart which cannot be consulted to anyone.

Tomoya Katagami, a psychiatrist, confronts such a patient. I opened a school at the age of 30 in an American village popular with young people because I wanted to make it emost like a young erstwhile person on the way home from work. It works as a working doctor in the psychiatry department of the general hospital in daytime, and it faces the patient as the director at the Aul clinic at night.

In fact, he collapsed with subarachnoid hemorrhage at the age of 27 and wandered the boundary of life and death. He managed to take his life, and returned as a doctor in a hard rehabilitation, but the paralysis of the left half of the body remains as a sequelae. However, it does not make an excuse for his handicap, and on the contrary, it tries to soften the patient who is blocked by the self-masochistic story even a little.

How can I be able to snuggle up to patients and make them feel better? A young psychiatrist who carries a handicap faces young people who have the darkness of the mind. The clinic of the mind which opens only at night is chased by the narration of actress Enguchi.

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