Quiz King Izawa VS Wa-chan VS Timondi Takagishi, the fastest escape from the uninhabited island!? I Am Adventure Boy

“I Am Adventure Boy” on May 25, TBS series, every Monday at 21:00 a.m., will be broadcast regularly with a three-hour special. In the popular event “Escape Island”, the quiz king, Takuji Izawa of the University of Tokyo, Fuwa-chan of YouTuber, and Hiroyuki Takagishi and Timondi of The University of Tokyo will face off.

Takashi Okamura, Ninety-Nine, Naoki Tanaka, Kokorico, and Kawashima Kaikari are mc, and this program is a great adventure variety where various challengers return to their children’s hearts and take on serious challenges while talking about their dreams as a family. In addition, Snow Man’s Koji Mukai and Ren Meguro regularly appear as new players.

If left stranded on a deserted island alone, it is possible to survive and escape there, and the challengers compete for time to escape from the uninhabited island to the inhabited island where people live on their own. Izawa, Hua-chan and Takaishi will take on the challenge of this grueling trial.

Izawa and Takaishi tried for the second time, but Hua-chan tried for the first time. This time, a “one-bag system” was adopted that allowed you to bring anything but food and water into a 45-liter backpack. Izawa showed confidence that he had carefully selected tools that meant he could play multiple roles, and Takaishi brought in fantasy items as well as last time. What kind of survival life does Fluffy bring in and live a survival life? And the selfie stick is very active!?

Securing food and water and making squid for rowing into the sea is the theory of escape, but Takaishi and Hua continue to take unexpected actions as the character. And the first event in the history of the program. Who will get to the manned island first? Who will win this time trial and escape first?

In addition, “Naoki Hanzawa”, a Sunday theater scheduled to be broadcast in the near future, will be performed as a VIP guest by Kento Kagami, Misakura Imada, and Matsuya Onoe, who appear at 21:00 every Sunday. The three challenge an adventure showdown.

Comments arrived from Mukai and Meguro who recently participated in the recording that was done in remote format. The following, i will introduce.

Yasushi Mukai Comments
It was my first recording, but i could convey the kindness of my co-stars, and it was difficult to do remote recording, but I think i was able to show myself because it was very easy to do. I’m not tired of seeing all three challengers of this escape island have their own personality. I was impressed, and i was excited to see what I would do if I was thrown out on a deserted island. In this program, I want to experience various things, not to mention escape island. If I were to take tools to a desertisland, I would like to bring knives, pots, and other useful things without cuckolding. And as I’ve always said, lip balm is a necessity!

At the beginning, “the first thing on the program will happen”, so I was excited about what would happen, but I forgot to forget it completely on the way, and i was cheering for all three of them before I knew i was rooting for one person. I want you to look at it full for three hours because i can’t miss even one second.

●Ren Meguro Comments
This was the first time i recorded it and it was the first remote. I felt the difficulty of the remote, but i thought that the co-stars were kinder and excited while feeling the kindness of them. The escape island was very impressed and i got energy. I was surprised at the heart of the three people who challenged me. I would like to challenge if I have the opportunity. There is a moment when i have been thinking about what kind of squid imake and what to put in one bag. It is a knife when asked what to bring. I think it’s better to take a knife to live.

What happens for the first time in the history of the show on a deserted island?! I think that it is interesting if i look at it while anticipating that. And we had a little survival experience separate from the escape island, so i want you to pay attention to it too!