Rackland, Cloud ERP and Travel Expense Management SaaS

Rackland has adopted sap business bydesign, a cloud-based ERP-integrated line-of-business system for small and medium-sized enterprises, and SAP Concur, a travel expense management SaaS. Each implementation project has been launched in January 2020.

SAP Business ByDesign is responsible for management operations related to implementation, business design to system construction, and post-operation operation and maintenance, based on the assumption that sap Business ByDesign will be used in the accounting area.

Rackland has been operating for many years by combining individually optimized packages with scratch-developed systems. However, sap Business ByDesign and SAP Concur were decided to move away from the human system operation, improve business management, and improve the efficiency of accounting operations.

The company evaluates the ability to respond to business expansion and organizational changes, as well as a system that allows both services to be streamlined by providing SaaS-type operations and to break away from the human system operation. In addition, the ability to seamlessly link control functions and services to enhance audit resistance was also a deciding factor in the adoption.