RENA[Honhashi brothers]new version that added the episode drawn is the same departure, volume 3 in July

The new edition of “Honhashi Brothers” was released at the same time on May 22 today.
“Honhashi Brothers” is a comedy that depicts the lively daily life of characters with strong habits, mainly the surreal younger brother Tomoya, who is just blurred every day, and his brother, Takaya, who is such a younger brother. It is a work that started the series on The Torch web of Liid, and is transferred now, and it is developed in the monthly action (Futabasha).
In the new version, in addition to the cover and cover under have been revamped, almost all pages are added and modified. In the first volume, “Brothers similar” and “Muscle Tre” in the second volume were included in the episode. Some bookstores offer benefits for buyers of volumes. Three volumes are scheduled to be released on July 9. %comic_trial_125%