Representative Edano Tatemin and the National Assembly member Ozawa agree on the resumption of talks to merge

Representative Edano and The National Assembly Member Ozawa Agree sit back on the resumption of talks on May 22 nd 20:42

Representative Edano of the Constitutional Democratic Party and Representative Ichiro Ozawa of the National Democratic Party met in the Diet, and they agreed to continue exchanging views waiting for the spread of the new coronavirus to converge, with the view of resuming talks to merge the two parties, saying that there may be a House of Representatives election at any time.
Mr. Ozawa said, “If a declaration of emergency is lifted in Tokyo and elsewhere, it will be a situation where the House of Representatives could be dissolved at any time,” and expressed his desire to unite the opposition parties to build a system against the Abe administration in the run-up to the next House of Representatives election.

They agreed to continue their views on the resumption of confluence talks between the two parties, waiting for the spread of the new coronavirus to converge.

In addition, regarding the tokyo gubernatorial election, which took months to announce, it was confirmed that it would not be able to retain a candidate for unification of the opposition party or to coordinate it, including other parties.