Revitalize the community by utilizing the Ehime Life Network and kintone

The Ehime Life Network, a general incorporated association that supports people who live their own way and work in Ehime, is working to revitalize the community by utilizing kintone.

kintone is a business app development platform provided by Cybozu. It is possible to create business apps that suit the application, such as sales issue management, management of customer inquiries history and claims response, project progress, task management, and employee daily report. Applications can be developed non-programming, and by utilizing communication functions such as in-house SNS, speedy information sharing is possible, thereby realizing operational efficiency.

The Ehime Life Network is promoting exchanges with a large network that involves not only local governments but also OB/OG, migrants, and people from Ehime Prefecture who are active in and out of the prefecture. Specifically, we have established the Regional Revitalization Cooperation Corps and supported the settlement of the group, and are promoting new initiatives such as more active activities and business matching than ever before.

Up to now, the exchange of the member of the regional revitalization cooperation corps, the administration, and the support organization, etc. was not able to be said to be active even in the same prefecture, there was no cooperation with the horizontal connection and ob/OG, and the cooperation system was not able to be done in the prefecture unit though the regional revitalization cooperation corps which exceeded the total person was active in most city towns in Ehime Prefecture. Therefore, it was not activated because the know-how and the knowledge were not able to be accumulated.

Image of regional network

The Community Revitalization Cooperation Corps generally lives in the community under the commission of local governments for a period of one to three years, and engages in various community cooperation activities such as support for agriculture, forestry and fisheries, water source conservation and monitoring activities, and support for the lives of residents. More than 5,000 people are affiliated nationwide, and in rural areas where population decline and aging are rapidly advancing, we actively accept human resources from outside the region and engage in community cooperation activities.