Rio Uchida, glossy legs and decorte The cover of VoCE for the first time in a year

Actress and model Rio Uchida showed off her glossy legs and decolletage on the cover of the July issue of VoCE, which was released on The 22th.

Rio Uchida graces the cover of VoCE

The July issue of VoCE is an annual body issue. It thoroughly dissects how to make uchida Rio’s healthy beauty, which combines feminine roundness and smooth luxury.

In fact, there is no hard training, and the “daily knack, what you can do at home” is a lot of ideas that can be incorporated right now. It has become a reference content of the house beauty.

On the cover, she shows off her legs in a white bodysuit and her back and arms in a black one-piece swimsuit in the medium-facing cover beauty.