Ryo Nishikido, Hitoshi Akanishi, “NYLON JAPAN” cover first appearance 17 pages full of real intentions

Ryo Nishikido and Hitoshi Akanishi, who launched a new joint project called “N/A,” will grace the cover of the July issue of NYLON JAPAN on May 28.

Ryo Nishikido, Hitoshi Akanishi, “NYLON JAPAN” cover appeared

The two YouTube programs, “NO GOOD TV,” which started in April, quickly became popular with engaging content and unadorned remarks, with 576,000 subscribers already as of May 21. NYLON JAPAN delivers a 17-page special feature, including a 10,000-character online interview full of two real intentions. In addition, two special double-sided posters special appendix is also attached.

In addition, the theme of “NOW AND FOREVER” is the theme of this special feature, 137 artists, illustrators, designers, fashion designers, musicians, actors, YouTubers, talents, entertainers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and other people who are involved in various creatives together on a daily basis, each of whom has a heartfelt work and message.

Virgin Express, a series of popular super express, is also full of art, and the collaboration between the members’ selfies and the reader’s artwork is a very good time.

The editorial department said, “Thanks to you, it has become a permanent preservation version that will continue to be left in the future, which is more than double the number of pages in the normal issue. By all means, please receive the message of the soul that gorgeous creators send out! And have commented.