Ryuuchi, the popular cabaret lady transforms into a big transformation “too beautiful” one after another the voice of rave reviews

On The 22nd, talent Ryuuchi Ryou updated her official blog and released a photo of her transformed into a popular cabaret girl.

Reply to Miss Cava (from Amebro)

Ryuuchi ryou announced that she would post a video on Her Own YouTube at 21 o’clock on The 22nd, saying, “Tonight at 21:00, in a collaboration with Emiori Aizawa, i’m going to go up with a video that will make a big transformation for Miss Cava.”

“I was transformed into a popular cabaret girl with a maximum sales of 10.9 billion a day, “Kabukizawa Turumi”, and we actually treated the customers in the shop,” he said, “but it was a photo shoot before the emergency declaration came out, but I was worried about the timing of giving the video. However, I decided to give you a video that I would be happy if you could laugh at everyone because it is such a time !!! I wrote my thoughts on the public.

“Kawaii”? It was uneasy, but in the comments section, “so cute”, “I thought it was a woman”, “Too beautiful There have been a series of rave reviews, such as “It’s too beautiful.”