SAP provides free benefit inquiry services to local governments

SAP Japan has developed a special flat-rate benefit inquiry web service on the web that allows residents to check the status of their application and transfer date on the web, and has started offering it to local governments. The service is available free of charge to all local governments. The standard usage period is 90 days, but it is said to be flexible according to the situation of each local government.

Overview of “Special Flat-Rate Benefit Inquiries Web Service” (Source: SAP Japan)

Special flat-rate benefits take a long time to process the reception, so it takes a certain amount of time for the benefits to take place. In this service, when a resident enters the benefit code of the mailing application form or the registration number of the online application, the processing status such as the reception date, during the examination, during the inquiry, and the date of the transfer is displayed. This will allow residents to check the status of their benefits at any time. In addition, local government officials will be able to concentrate on their original benefits by reducing inquiries from residents.

The service is a mechanism that allows local government officials to check the status of benefits by uploading benefit codes output from the system and data on the status of processing status on a date-by-date basis.

Resident confirmation screen (Source: SAP Japan)