“School closures are ineffective and threaten children’s mind and body” Corona Virus

“School closures are ineffective and threaten children’s mind and body” Corona Virus May 22, 17:18

The Japanese Academy of Pediatrics has published medical information on the infection of the new coronavirus in children on its website. While there are few outbreaks in which children are infected, and the effect of school closures is poor, the closure threatens the child’s mind and body.

According to information compiled by the Japanese Academy of Pediatrics, the percentage of patients with the new coronavirus is small, and most of them are infected by their parents at home, and population infections in schools and daycare centers are extremely rare.

In addition, while there are many symptoms and mild symptoms and few deaths, there are no reports of symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, which causeinflammation of blood vessels throughout the body reported in Europe and the United States.

In addition, there are few reports of outbreaks in schools and childcare sites, both domestically and internationally, and the closure of schools and childcare facilities has little effect on preventing the epidemic.

On the other hand, he points out that school closures not only deprive children of educational opportunities, but also reduce outdoor activities and social interactions, increase the risk of domestic violence and abuse, and threaten children’s mind and body.

Prof. Hiroyuki Moriuchi of Nagasaki University, who was involved in the summary of the information, said, “Considering the development of children, the downside of closing schools is tremendous. We need to think about the future of schools and other things based on the facts we have learned.”