“September admission sisses the site” experts put together recommendations

“September admission is a mess in the field” May 22, 19:51

As a result of the government and other governments’ examinations, educators have compiled proposals that while the effects of the introduction are limited, competition such as entrance examinations and employment becomes severe, and the cost burden is high, and the application is not expected to be sufficient.

It is a member of the Japanese Society of Education which makes the recommendation sought by experts such as the educational system.

In this regard, the view that internationalization will be promoted if students enter September is limited, such as india and South Korea, where more students are enrolled in the United States than in Japan.

On the other hand, the disadvantage is that the number of people in the transition year will increase extremely, and there is a possibility that the number of people will be severe lye and employment.

In addition to the problems of waiting children and the need to drastically review the curriculum from elementary school to university, he points out that the cost burden of local governments and households will be several trillion yen in total just by switching the system, leading to confusion on the site that the september admission swells.

Based on this, we suggest that what we should focus on now is to improve the environment for online learning and to support learning for low-income families.

Teruyuki Hirota, president of the Japan Society of Education, said, “No matter what system, children are wrinkled and burdened excessively. This is not the case now when we are discussing admission sit in September. It’s important to arrange human resources and budgets to ensure the quality of education in front of you.”

While governor Koike of Tokyo and Governor Yoshimura of Osaka Prefecture are calling for the introduction of the entrance in July, there have been calls for careful discussion from organizations and the National Mayors’ Association.

The trigger is the signature activity of the net.

In the middle of last month, calls for admission to september were raised in the form of signature activities on the Internet.

It is said that the third year of high school in Osaka began to regain the learning gap and lost school life due to the school closure, and the signature sought by the end of this month has exceeded 10,000 people.

At the end of last month, governors from Miyagi Prefecture, Tokyo, and Osaka made positive statements about the introduction of september admissions, and the ruling party began to consider it.

September Enrollment

Why are you enrolling in September now?

In the background, the aim is to regain learning that has been significantly delayed by a long-term closure due to the new coronavirus.

If it is implemented from next year, it will be able to learn what will be learned in the current school year over one year and five months until August next year.

In addition, in the fall, it will be easier to study at universities abroad, so the globalization of education will also be promoted.

There are two plans to enroll in September.

So, if september enrollment is introduced, what pattern is expected?

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has two proposals.

Pattern A is to make the child who becomes full 6 years old by September 1 next year to the new year student, and to move to one year at a dash.

Pattern B is the second one to move over five years, with the first year of the school year at 13 months from next year.

What are the advantages and disadvantages?

In the case of Pattern A, the transition will be completed in one year, but the big problem is the new first year next year.
Now, 425,000 people in the year-round class will be six years old by September, a 1.4-fold jump.

In the case of Pattern B, approximately 80,000 new first-year students will be joined by the year-round class, which will be six years old by May.
There is no increase compared to pattern A, but it is expected that the administrative work of local governments will be complicated because it will be a group with different birthdays for each school year for the five years leading up to the full transition.

Big ripples in the parents of eligible infants

Shu-kun, who goes to the senior class of the nursery school, is five years old. I’m looking forward to living in elementary school next year, having already decided on a land cell to enter an elementary school. In the meantime, the discussion began in September.

Her mother, Yumiko, is concerned about the delay in education caused by the new coronavirus, but she can’t hide her embarrassment at the sudden discussion.
“From next year, I was surprised by the sudden story. It is necessary to prepare the mind not only for parents but also for children.”

“Reasonfor concern :”Where and expenses after graduation”

First of all, if the enrollment period is in September, Shu-kun will be five months late, but he is unsure whether the nursery will take care of him until then.

Reason for anxiety (2) “The difference between 17 months is large”

In addition, if it becomes pattern A, the number of new first graders swells to 1.4 times. Children of up to 17 months of age will also learn in the same classroom. Yumiko says that she is worried that she will not be disadvantaged by not only realizing the difficulty of being a nursery teacher, but also by taking entrance exams and finding employment in the future. Mr. Yumiko said, “I feel sorry for the fact that the competition rate will be higher just because the number of students in the school year increases in the future, such as entrance examinations and job hunting, and that the competition rate will be raised for many years to come. I am also concerned about how to follow the difference in development of children who are out of age in the school with limited staff. Even if you look at a lot of children at work every day, there is a big growth in one year at an early age, and the difference comes out greatly in the mental side. I think it’s a big burden for children to take classes together in the same school year.”

Voiceof confusion from the scene of childcare

There are also some people who are confused from the scene of childcare.

This is a certified children’s garden in Kuki City, Saitama Prefecture. Approximately 300 children from 0 to 5 years old are enrolled.

Of these, there are 86 students enrolled in the senior class, which is five years old, but if they enter September, these children will stay for five months longer, and the number of nursery teachers today is difficult to operate.

In addition, because space needs to be secured, it is necessary to review the plans for the construction of new facilities that children’s parks are currently working on so that they can accommodate the entrance of the school.

Yuko Tsukakoshi, director of Kurihashi Sakura Kindergarten, a certified children’s park, said, “I hope that the entrance to the School of Children in September will give us an opportunity to rethink the challenges facing childcare. However, there are fears that the number of children may increase temporarily, and there may be a shortage of childcare workers. The childcare center is not just a place to take care of children, but because it is necessary to ensure education according to the child’s developmental stage, i would like you to think about the system most importantly.”

Elementary school officials are also uneasy

Elementary school officials are also worried about entering the school in September.

Toterakata Elementary School in Tama City, Tokyo. There are about 80 first-year students enrolled here every year, but if you enter the school from next year to September, the concern is securing a classroom.

There is no classroom!! 》

The problem is that the first graders are 1.4 times the case with pattern A.

The school will have 88 new first-year students who are scheduled to enroll next year, but if they accept a full-year-old child by September next year, a new 40 will be added, and at least one new class will be required.

However, there are not enough classrooms available in the school, so you should consider using a drawing room. In order to prevent the infection of the new virus, it is necessary to open the space of the desk, and there is a possibility that the classroom is insufficient further.

We need to increase the number of teachers! 》

In addition, it is said that it is necessary to receive more detailed guidance and to increase the number of teachers if it comes to accept children with different developments.

Principal Tomoko Ito said, “In large schools, the number of children will increase by 100 students, and I think securing classrooms and teachers will be a major problem. There is also the challenge of how to avoid denseness in the class in terms of preventing corona infection. I feel that it would be difficult to start the september enrollment unless a solution was discussed properly on how to complete the issue.”

“I want you to discuss it carefully”

Masayuki Yoshida, head of the Institute of Childcare Systems, which is well versed in early childhood education, said, “There are many aspects of higher education, such as the study abroad system, but considering the development of children, it is necessary to discuss it comprehensively from early childhood education in pre-school. In that sense, the balance of the current discussions is not always sufficient.”

On top of that, he said, “If the time of enrollment changes, it is necessary to secure more human resources in the number of waiting children. Of course, parents are also affected, and the balance between family and work is also a problem. Elementary school and early childhood are important times for lifelong upbringing, and it’s not just the issues that can be solved if you put out a budget. I would like them to carefully discuss whether they can really ensure the quality of their education at the entrance to the school in July.”