Solo Cinema Courier 7th “Bakman.” I want to recommend it to adults

The weekly shonen jump’s ‘Blade of Demon Destruction’ was completed.

Some comics end the series at the height of popularity, while others start new in the beginning color. What kind of drama is going to be at the editorial board meeting this time? What is it, “Bakman. I want to read the 2008-2012 series by re-taging The Ohba Tsugumi original of “DEATH NOTE”, Ken Obata manga. I reread all 20 volumes of comics, and continued to watch the 2015 movie version of The Movie version of Dainejin, known for “Moteki” and “SUNNY Strong Feelings and Strong Love.”

Ken Sato

Perhaps few people have never read “Weekly Shonen Jump”. 

In the New Year’s And New Year’s Issue, the number of copies was recorded. “Bakman. According to the pamphlet, one of the two elementary and junior high school boys at that time was reading ‘Boy Jump’, and it has not been broken as the highest record of the sales part of all weekly magazines and magazines including the cartoon in the history of the publication in Japan yet. Japanese, math, science, jumping. For the children of those days, “Boy Jump” was a textbook of life.

In the movie version, the story begins to move from the place where Akito Takagi who excelled in the talented and talented Takagi Akito And Kamiki Ryunosuke of the Bonkura high school student who spends every day is invited, “It becomes a cartoonist in the union with me”. Shujin caught his eyes on the art of stealing notes that Saiko had sketched his longing classmate, Miho Abe, and Nana Komatsu.

However, with the death of his uncle, cartoonist Taro Kawaguchi, Saiko, who caught a glimpse of the harshness of the professional world, hesitates. Still, Schujin talks one-sidedly. I’m not a cartoonist. Only a few geniuses who are born with real talent can be. It’s a shame to risk your life on something like that. But…

Takanosuke Kamiki

“It’s good, but it’s not too much. I and you have not done anyclub activities or study. There is only a humpback future even if it tries desperately from now on. But we have talent! There’s no way i can’t make the most of this.”

The will and joy of “I can do it without fail”, it is a talent… I think that this is a wonderful scene which comes in the depths of the heart though writer’s Murakami Ryu wrote so. Because, it becomes embarrassed for a moment to make an effort to make a dream when becoming a high school student. And, every day passes with a little impatience while laughing at the reality and cheating. However, the movie version of “Bakman. Friendship, effort, victory, trying to break through such a daily life.

And, if their cartoon is animated immediately after this scene, and a dream that Abe who aims to become a voice actor comes true and the dream of playing the heroine role is fulfilled, Saiko suddenly proposes to marry me. Well, it is too pushy even if it has an abnormal cuteness that there is absolutely no in the classroom of Nana Komatsu indeed. For about ten minutes, especially the original fans will be puzzled by the sudden development.

Because, the relation with Abe is handled by the rush, and the best friend of Abe who played an important role in the original, Maya Miyoshi does not even appear in the movie version. In other words, the main theme of this movie and the pillar is not love, but “comics” because it is declared from the beginning.

Nana Komatsu

I think that this is a broken opinion personally though it will be divided. To be honest, the love scene of a boy comic is difficult to transfer emotions to adults (middle-aged men who are dirty like us). Personally, I said, “Bakman. In contrast to the real cartoon world, i was not able to get on the love part of the sex relationship full of fantasy. So, so to speak, the sweaty “Battle Manga Movie” line is very welcome.

A rivalry between the two of them and their rivals using a big pen with the same 17-year-old genius cartoonist, New Wife Age, Shota Someya, like a sword. Meet Sasaki Editor-in-Chief Lily Frankie and Editor-in-Chief Tetsu hattori Takayuki Yamada. The mouth is bad, but it is a encounter with The Yankee cartoonist Shinta Fukuda, Kenta Kiritani, and Takumi Nakai who aims to break away from the assistant of the year of the age of 10 years old. Anyway, man stinks. It’s hard to keep hot. The only exposure of the movie is half-naked of Nakai who puts the pen with one pants.

Well, why don’t you have an assistant in the weekly series? Or, there is a small thrust point that it does not touch a lot of famous scenes of the original almost because of the screening time. But after watching it, I wanted to write a manuscript while playing the theme song “Shin-Takarajima” at a high volume. This feeling that is pushed back by the heat of the work and you want to do something. This is the same feeling as in those days when i read Captain Wing and was absorbed in after-school football and burned to basketball during lunch break under the influence of slam dunks.

The movie “Bakman. I have not read the jump recently, “friendship, effort, victory” rather than “savings, marriage, old age” i want to recommend only to the former and boys who became a good adult, it is a middle-aged jump movie.

♦[Solo Cine Mileage 72 points]
The scenery of the editorial department where the manuscript and the material are scattered. The appearance of a used bookstore on the street with bookshelves on the side of the road. Exquisite jerseys and hoodies that are not too good to wear by the writers. Comics writers up to the comments section. Jump love is in the details, also must see the elaborate view of the world that was built! By the way, 24 years ago, i was moved to tears by the evolution of the Zandko movie “The Little Blues”
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“Bakman. 』
The story of youth that makes the comic of the same name by Tsuguba And Ken Obata a live-action. “Weekly Shonen Jump” is a story about high school students Makoto Sato and Akito Takagi struggling in the world of manga, and sakanaction plays the theme song of the music in the play.
Available on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and others as of May 22, 2020.