South Sudan’s senior self-defense officer decides to extend the period of dispatch

South Sudan PKO dispatch senior self-defense officer decides one year extension of the dispatch period May 22 at 12:29

The government has decided to extend the dispatch period for one year at a cabinet meeting on 22 Nde for senior self-defense officers dispatched as commanders of the United Nations’ PKO operations in South Sudan.
The government dispatched ground self-defense forces from Heisei 24 to Heisei 29 for the UN’s PKO activities in South Sudan, and since then dispatched four senior Self-Defense Force self-defense officers as command personnel for information analysis and logistical support.

In response to the United Nations Security Council extending the period until march 15 next year, the government decided to extend the dispatch period of self-defense officers for one year until May 31 next year at a cabinet meeting on 22.

Japan is currently sending self-defense officers to the UNITED NATIONS PKO only for its activities in South Sudan.

Regarding the situation in the area, the government says that juba, the capital with which the headquarters is located, is basically peaceful, and that the “PRINCIPLE of PARTICIPATION” which is a prerequisite for dispatching the Self-Defense Forces has been maintained.

Defense Minister Kono said at a press conference, “I think that supporting the stability of South Sudan will lead to stability throughout the region, so I would like the commanders to do their best.”