Studentsupport needed in Corona Virus to university unnecessary school lunch rice at school closure

Student support for needy in Corona Virus May 22 13:59

Due to the inability to work part-time due to the new coronavirus, rice for school lunches not used in temporary school closures at elementary and junior high schools was presented to Tokyo Metropolitan University in an effort to support students who are financially distressed.

This initiative was held by the Tokyo Metropolitan School Lunch Association, and on the morning of The 22th, trucks carrying ingredients arrived at the campus of Tokyo Metropolitan University in Hachioji City, Tokyo.

The university was presented with food for school lunches that were not used in the temporary school closures of elementary and junior high schools, and the rice bags of rice, and the thin powder of the bag.

Tokyo Metropolitan University is unable to work part-time or lose income from parents due to the new coronavirus, and there is an increasing number of consultations on tuition reductions and scholarships from students who are financially distressed.

The university has taken measures such as extending the period of tuition reduction, so we have decided to distribute the ingredients to the students who want them.

Toshihisa Shimizu, Vice President of Tokyo Metropolitan University, said, “I am grateful to have students from different economic situations. I want the students to eat well and stay healthy both physically and mentally.”

Akihiko Ito, president of the Tokyo Metropolitan School Lunch Association, which gave ingredients, said, “I want you to eat the rice staple food and live a bright university life with a strong feeling that you will not lose to Corona.”