“Sustained benefits” and the business escorate of the establishment are also adjusted for payment.

“Sustained Benefits” May 22, 8:26

The government has entered into adjustments to “sustained benefits”, which provide cash to businesses that have been heavily affected by the new Coronavirus, to include those that have just been established.

“Sustained benefits” has become a requirement for applications that sales are down more than 50% from last year due to the effects of the new coronavirus, but the businesses that have just started to start the company are excluded from the scope of payment because they cannot be compared to last year’s sales.

However, the government has entered into adjustments in the direction of inclusion in the provision, as there have been a series of calls for the support of businesses that have not been established since the company was founded.

The new targets are businesses that are founded between January and the end of March, and whose income for a particular month determined by businesses has decreased by more than 50% of the average income for the month to March, with a maximum benefit limit of 1 million yen.

In addition, if the main income was recorded as “miscellaneous income” in the case of a personal business owner such as a freelancer and a private business owner for the benefit, the final adjustment is made in the direction to be included in this.