Take-out start, such as bills Wagyu Cheeseburger and Chopped Salad

From May 26, bills will start offering take-away menus at five domestic stores: Bills Nanasatogahama, Bills Futako Tamagawa, Bills Fukuoka, Bills Ginza, and Bills Osaka. Six popular food menus, such as chopped salad, shrimp burger, and Wagyu cheeseburger, and drinks.

Started offering takeaway menus such as bills Wagyu Cheeseburger

“Bills” has been reopened since May 13, thoroughly measures against infectious diseases. This time, the company will begin offering its first takeaway menu.

The food menu includes “chopped salad” (1,600 yen), “shrimp burger” (2,200 yen), Wagyu cheeseburger (2,400 yen), “Singapore Fried Chicken Burger” (2,100 yen), “Hot sandwich with mozzarella and sage butter” (1,600 yen), “shrimp and nduya fried fried eggs” (2,000 yen) All six types of.

There are three types of soft drinks available: Fresh Orange Juice, Cold Brew Iced Coffee, and Sunrise Drink for 800 yen each.

In addition, three house wines (4,000 yen each) and three craft beers (800 yen each) are scheduled to be available in June. The product is made a reservation on the website.

Bills Takeaway menu

*All prices are tax-excluded.