Tamarina Matsui “Locked Room Special Edition” newly photographed “Bangs Also Snap”

Tamarina Matsui of the idol group SKE48 revealed on her Twitter on 22 nd that she had filmed a new scene in the Fuji TV drama “Locked Room Special Edition”, which will be broadcast on 25 Th.

From Tamarina Matsui’s Own Twitter

On January 25, a special edited version of “Locked Room Special” aired on January 3, 14. Here, the appearance of The Kanie Mitsuko Shinya of “SUITS 2”, which has been interrupted in the same frame, was foretold, but it was a topic of conversation about who the woman behind the scenes that Kanie spoke to in the public scene photograph.

Matsui, who was performing in “The Locked Room Special” six years ago. On Twitter, he said, “I didn’t think I’d play the role of six years ago again, so I was surprised. My bangs are now snapped, too.”

Kanie was also collaborating with Igarashi, who played in the same film during the broadcast of “Confidence Man JP Special Edition”, but the small hand he plays on his Twitter, “This time, it’s not like the last time i’m a confidence man JP, i’ll appear in the main story properly!” and notice. In addition, “Yukimura and Uesugi Law Office”, SUITS 2, and Friedman Serizawa Sogo Law Office, locked rooms, have a world line that exists at the same time. and hinting at the setting.