“Teasing Good Takagi’s VR” released today, experience the teasing of Mr. Takagi played by Lee Takahashi

Soichiro Yamamoto’s VR animation “Teasing Good Takagi’s “Teasing Good Mr. Takagi’s VR First Semester” was released today, May 22. Available in the Oculus store and steam store.
“Mr. Takagi’s first semester of teasing good” is a content that allows you to experience Takagi’s teasing from the perspective of the main character, Nishikata. There were four scenes, from popular scenes to original stories of this work, such as coming home from school alongside Mr. Takagi and enjoying a beach ball together at sea. Mr. Takagi’s voice is in charge of the same as the TV animation by Lee Takahashi.
The price is JPY 1,490 including tax. The Steam Store sells for 1,341 yen including tax, 10 yen off, until 23:59 on 28 th. Oculus Rift S, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE and HTC VIVE Pro HMD. The Oculus Quest version will be available later this year as “Teasing Good Takagi’s VR 1-2 Semester.”