Telework at a temple begins in Minnobu-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Telework at a temple begins in Minnobu-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture May 22 at 23:13

In order to prevent the spread of infection with the new coronavirus, a service called “Terawork”, which provides a lodging house that can be concentrated in a quiet environment, has begun on a trial basis in Minnobu-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture, as telework is spreading by companies and other companies.
This service, called “Temple Work”, was piloted by private companies in Tokyo to use the temple as a workplace, amid the spread of telework by companies and other organizations.

One of them, “Hatababo” in Minnobu-cho, Yamanashi Prefecture, is the second oldest of the yanbeyama inns founded about 740 years ago.

With 60 tatami mats and large rooms, wi-fi is also available, so you can concentrate on your work in a quiet environment.

“The temple was originally used as a public place. Even if you work from home, it’s hard to switch between work and home on and off, and i think you’re stressed out in your own control and patience, so I hope you’ll feel comfortable and mentally focused on your work in nature.”

According to The Shukubo, “Temple Work” has just started this month, and there are still few reservations.