The desire and sense of crisis of Fujitsu President fujitsu, who embarked on major reforms that extended to the significance of his existence

In this series, “Isao Matsuoka’s Statement of the Week,” every week, key people in the ICT industry take up some of the words they have made at press conferences and events, explaining their meaning and background.

This time, I will introduce the remarks of Mr. Takahito Tokuda, President of Fujitsu, and Takahiro Sugimoto, President and CEO of Azgent.

“Bringing trust to society through innovation and making the world more sustainable”
(Mr. Takahito Tokuda, President and CEO of Fujitsu)

Takahito Tokuda, President and CEO of Fujitsu

At fujitsu’s recent press conference for the fiscal year ending March 2020, Mr. Tokita clarified the company’s future direction based on its response to the new coronavirus. It is a remark at the beginning that it was launched as “Perpas” in that, that is, “Meaning of existence” of the company.

Fujitsu has set up a “Fujitsu Way” consisting of corporate philosophy and action guidelines, but it is the first time in my life that Mr. Tokita has launched a per-pass separately. The new significance of existence is also a sign of a sense of crisis that, while feeling the desire to demonstrate a firm presence in a new era, could lose its presence if it continues. What is Mr. Tokita’s thoughts?

So, i’ll write the remark sit at the interview of Mr. Tokita about The Perpas below.

“With the company celebrating its 85th anniversary this year, we are currently reforming not only business but also systems and culture sought to move from IT companies to digital transformation companies. In addition to providing value to customers through technology over the years, we believe that we have a responsibility to contribute independently to social change as a global company.”

In addition, it continued so.

“The world is now in a period of uncertainty that is changing rapidly while connecting complexly. Under these situations, in order to solve the world’s difficult problems, it is necessary to confront them through new ways of thinking, methods, and actions. Then, fujitsu thought about what kind of existence it wanted to be in the future again, and defined our per-pass. We will continue to implement our management and business strategies based on this perpath.”

As an action to realize this perpass, he made it clear that he would firmly step on the stages of “own transformation,” “value creation,” and “bring trust to society,” as shown in the figure.

Action to realize perpass (Source: Fujitsu Resources)

As we will work specifically in the future, we will focus on “strengthening data-driven management,” “improving the evolution and productivity of DX human resources,” “promoting dx with all participation,” “strengthening our global business strategy,” “strengthening our ability to solve problems in Japan,” “to our customers’ DX best partners,” and “contributing to further stabilization of our business.”

If i interpret this perpas in my own way, I would say, “I will become a trusted dx company and contribute to the prosperity of humanity.” I would like to pay attention to future developments, combined with how the Corona riot will affect the Totata Ryudai reform, which has also raised the significance of its existence.