The theater, music and film industry “Reconstruction Fund” demands the survival crisis in Corona

Theater, music and film industry “Reconstruction Fund” request ed. May 22 at Corona 17:56

Industry officials from the three industries of theater, music and film, who are in danger of surviving the effects of the new Coronavirus, have submitted a letter of request to the government calling for the creation of the Culture and Arts Reconstruction Fund to compensate for losses and support future activities.

With the spread of the new coronavirus infection, theaters, live houses, and small movie theaters across the country are starting to open stores that have already been forced to close as sales and performances are canceled one after another.

In response to these difficult situations, theater, music, and film officials worked together across industry boundaries, and Eri Watanabe, president of the Japan Playwrights Association, submitted a letter of request to the Agency for Cultural Affairs and other ministries.

In the request, we are calling for economic support from the government, such as the creation of a “Culture and Arts Reconstruction Fund” to compensate for losses and to support future activities, after appealing for the fact that most of the cultural activities are played by small organizations and individuals, and the economic impact of the lifting of self-imposed demands in the future.

Film director Atsushi Suwa commented, “Mini theaters, small and medium-sized theaters, and live houses have not been recognized as a hub for arts and culture in Japan, but such a small place is the soil of culture. The question now is how this country perceives art and culture.”

After this, there was an exchange of opinions with the ministries and agencies, and the industry said that many engineers involved in the performance would lose their jobs at the same time if theaters and live houses closed, and called for concrete support for the formation of the Second Amendment budget proposal.