There is also a voluntary holiday in Corona. Chinese restaurant offers free lunch and “repayment”

There is also a voluntary holiday in Corona. Chinese restaurant offers free lunch, may 22, 12:34

A Chinese restaurant in Tokyo, which is voluntarily closed due to the new Coronavirus, continues to provide free lunches of more than 500 meals a day for those who are living a tough life.

MitomoYu Hot Pot, a Chinese restaurant located in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, has been voluntarily closed since 11th last month to avoid the risk of infection in the store.

Although the company has been under strict management, we learned that regular customers and neighbors are living a tough life, and we started to provide free lunch ess on weekdays, days, and meals from last month.

Ingredients and containers were provided free of charge and cheap from the vendors who supported the shop’s efforts, and in the shop, staff volunteered to prepare a variety of bento boxes, such as marbo tofu and hoikoro, and handed them to visitors one by one.

The man who received the lunch said, “Due to the new coronavirus, my income has decreased to a fraction, and my life is severe, and i am very helpful because I have a family. I’m very grateful.”

A regular customer of the store, a woman in her 50s who visited with her son, said, “I was at lunch with my mom friend. I’m indebted to you, so I’d like to fully support the shop when my salary comes back.”

Although the deficit continues every day, there are a number of people who donate ingredients and masks, and the store wants to continue to provide free of charge until normal business resumes.

The owner, Lee Hoshikai, is from China and has been studying Japanese since he came to Japan two years ago and opened a shop a year ago.

Lee said, “We came to Japan from China and helped us so far. We’re giving out bento boxes, but it’s really clear that people’s minds are connected. will be a force. I want to contribute to Japanese society through the power of bento.”

Even in the red every day…

The restaurant is located on the second floor of a building in a corner of a restaurant near Jr Kinshicho Station. The owner, Li Seihai, who came to Japan from China 22 years ago, worked for a restaurant and a trading company while learning Japanese, and opened a shop eight years ago.

Mr. Lee strongly felt that the store was being continued with the support of regular customers, and he thought that he could give something back to the situation, so he thought about offering a free lunch.

At first, we offered 200 meals, but we increased to 500 because we learned that there were many people who lost their jobs and their incomes were significantly reduced, and that there were many people who were having trouble with their lives.

In order to prevent infection, a transparent sheet is installed at the entrance and a lunch box is handed from under the sheet.

Every day, the deficit is close to 100,000 yen only for materials, but there are a number of people who support this activity, and the circle of support is spreading.

Some people donate disputes masks, sweets and other cash at the store, and some of them say, “Thank you for your delicious bento all the time. I’ll go eat when Corona is over.”

In addition, the man who runs a travel agency nearby, along with his employees, had onions, radish, tomatoes and other vegetables.

This man also said that the company’s management is becoming more severe due to the new Coronavirus, and “I feel the warmth of the heart, not just bento. We want to work together to overcome it.”