This is stylish! 6 free virtual backgrounds you want to use in telecommuting meetings

The work style reform has attracted attention for several years since telework, a flexible way of working that is not limited to time and places that utilize ICT, but from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus, the style of telecommuting has permeated at once. In addition, there is a growing number of companies introducing online meetings. But when it comes to participating in online meetings from home, a messy room is reflected in the background… I think some people are worried. I want to recommend it to such a person, and introduce “Virtual background”.

What is a “virtual background” that you want to use in a web conference?

An online meeting is essential to realize remote work. By introducing some kind of web conferencing system, you can have meetings with multiple people in remote locations through the screen of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Zoom a web conferencing system that is well known among the many services and is used by many people.
One of zoom’s features is the virtual background feature. This is also available in the free version, automatically cropping people, the ability to display the image you like in the background ” is ashamed to be able to see in the house” and “i want to protect privacy” will solve the problem.

Telework becomes fun, recommended virtual backgrounds are published at once

In accordance with the rapid spread of telework, official accounts of various companies distribute virtual backgrounds free of charge. This time, I will introduce the recommended virtual background about the house.
・ Pseudo-experience of living in a stylish renobe space!? “It’s renobe. 」

“Renobe” familiar with the renovation of second-hand apartments. ” provides a virtual background for the image of shibuya sakuraoka, kichijoji, kuramae, sakuragi-cho, and other showrooms. With rough painted walls, indoor windows and a library space with benches, the background full of renovation tips is fun just by looking at the background, and you can feel like living in a stylish space.
Renovate. Learn more about the virtual background of

Design with a sense of the image of a landscape. Wallpaper brand “WhO”.

WhO- Fu-fu, an interior interior interior and wallpaper brand, offers 83 pieces of 7 patterns as virtual backgrounds based on the theme of landscape, a design based on natural and urban landscapes. Because there are a lot of simple patterns, the impression that it is easy to use regardless of the situation. You can experience the wallpaper in the virtual world, it seems to be a reference when you redecorate.
Learn more about WhO’s virtual background

You can delusion of luxury housing!? Otsuka Furniture
Otsuka Furniture, which handles original brands and furniture from all over the world for more than 50 years, is a luxurious space with luxurious interiors. Perfect when you want to create an extraordinary feeling. Why don’t you put together your clothes and hairstyle sat tightly together?
For more information on the virtual background of Otsuka Furniture, please click here.
Production of a space of various design styles[LIXIL]
LIXIL, a leading manufacturer of housing equipment, proposes various styles of spatial coordination as “Design Style” The background is picked up from “GRACE STYLE”, “MINIMAL STYLE”, “SOLID × ROUGH”, “PLAIN STYLE”, “INDIVITY STYLE”, AND “INDUSTRIAL”. You can imagine living in a nice room and learn interior coordination.
Learn more about lixil’s virtual background

You can choose from a rich lineup to suit the usage scene[IKEA]

Ikea, a Nordic furniture store that originated in Sweden and is familiar with miscellaneous goods, offers a wide range of virtual backgrounds, from the perfect backdrop for online meetings to the off-mode backgrounds you want to use when talking with friends. According to the members of the Web conference, “today is intellectual” and “today in a rough atmosphere”, it seems to be able to use properly casually.
Learn more about IKEA’s virtual backgrounds

Posted images provided by local governments. Support the community with a virtual background!

The Area Alliance Department, which is engaged in local revitalization projects at Pony Canyon Co., Ltd., provides virtual backgrounds with locations that have been visited and images and animations produced by the department with local governments. From Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, to Ebino City in Miyazaki Prefecture in the north, we have virtual backgrounds that make you want to visit the region, such as tourist attractions, specialties, landscapes, and local anime from all over japan. What is the background? “I want to visit on a trip someday,” he says, and the conversation seems to be spurred by the virtual background.
Learn more about the virtual background of Pony Canyon Co., Ltd.


This time, we introduced a virtual background about housing, but various other companies are distributing a wide variety of virtual backgrounds free of charge. By self-imposed self-imposed control, it is easy to spend time at home monotonous, such as web meetings and online drinking parties, how about using different virtual backgrounds to suit your needs, and try to change your mood.
Author: Wakana Saito