To announce the opening schedule after the middle of January, Commissioner Saito Saito “minimum conditions for the cancellation of the declaration of emergency”

◆ The prospect of the release of the declaration in the Tokyo metropolitan area as early as the 25th

The Professional Baseball Team held a meeting of representatives of the baseball team on Wednesday to discuss the opening of the official game this season. Although the announcement of the opening day was postponed due to the continued declaration of a state of emergency in some areas, Commissioner Saito indicated that he wanted to announce the opening schedule as soon as possible after the release of the emergency declaration.

In response to a positive recommendation from a team of experts at the j-league’s new coronavirus liaison meeting on the same day, Commissioner Saito said, “The 12 teams have decided that the event will be held after mid-June, but i think the release of the exact schedule will be the minimum condition for the release of the emergency declaration. If this is lifted, I believe that we will be able to inform you of the schedule and other information as soon as possible, so we have high expectations for the government’s decision.” He made it clear that he had an idea to announce it as early as next week.