Tokushima Miyoshi City Council asks lawmakers to refrain from asking general questions Corona Virus

Tokushima Miyoshi City Council Asks Lawmakers to Refrain From General Questions Corona Virus May 22 at 9:35

In order to avoid reducing the burden on staff to deal with the new coronavirus and the density of the floor, the city council steering committee in Miyoshi City, Tokushima Prefecture, has asked lawmakers to refrain from asking general questions at a regular meeting scheduled for next month.
According to the Miyoshi City Council Secretariat, at the city council’s steering committee meeting held on 20 Th, 10 members, including the chairman, discussed measures to prevent infection in the June regular council, which will be held next month.

We discussed the fact that city officials, such as uniform benefits of 100,000 yen, are busy responding to the response, and that council members should refrain from asking general questions scheduled for the 8th and 9th of next month to avoid reducing the burden on and density of staff, as the council members and city officials are so crowded.

Some members of congress said that it would not be good not to ask questions as a member of parliament, or that there were some things that should be heard by the city’s corona measures, but they unanimously decided to request a request under the name of the chairman and the chairman of the council’ management committee.

Deliberations at the Committee and the vote on the proposals at the plenary session will be held as scheduled.