Tokyo Metropolitan High School, etc. after the release of the declaration to resume in stages, to the distributed school attendance plan

Tokyo Metropolitan High School, etc. to resumption in stages after the release of the declaration, may 22, 19:43

Tokyo Metropolitan High School, which is closed, will be reopened in stages after the state of emergency was lifted.
In the image to the full resumption of the tokyo metropolitan high school shown by the board of education of the capital, students are divided into several groups, and it begins from the distributed going to school.

For example, first of all, the school days should be limited to one day a week, and the number of students will be reduced to about two hours and the number of students.

After that, we aim to completely resume the school day by gradually increasing the number of students, including increasing the number of school days from two days a week to about three days, and the number of students at school is about one-third.

For the time being, we will conduct these distributed schools and online learning in parallel to ensure learning opportunities while reducing the risk of infection as much as possible.

Tokyo Metropolitan High School and other schools are currently closed until the 31st of this month, but we are considering the reopening time, assuming that a state of emergency declaration is lifted next week.

The Board of Education of the Capital communicates this concept to the board of education of the municipalities that control elementary and junior high schools, and decides according to the situation in each region.