Tomorrow’s Ale- Week 8 “Azure Sky” Look back Yuichi, cheering song making is a twist and turn

“Yale”, a series of tv novels starring Masataka Kubota, and 8 a.m. on Mondays and Saturdays. On May 23rd, we look back on the eighth week of “The Sky of Azure” (May 18-22).
 Every Saturday of “Yale”, the drama of the same week is a retrospective. Yuuki Himura of the comedy duo “Banana Man” is in charge of navigating, and explains that people who have already watched the weekday broadcast times and those who watch it for the first time can enjoy it this time.
 In the second week, “Azure Sky” was commissioned by waseda university’s cheering department to compose a new support song for winning the Hayakei match, “Azure Sky”. However, it is irritated that the tune cannot be written easily, and wife’s sound (Fumi Nikaido) finally returns to Toyohashi where the writing is left and the parents’ house is. Eventually, Yuichi, who came into contact with the passion of the leader (Takahiro Miura) and regained the feelings he felt when he started music, wrote up the song in no time. It was development.
 ”Yale” tells the story of a composer, Yuichi Furuyama, who produced a number of songs that snuggle up to people’s hearts during the turbulent times of the Showa era, and a couple who live with music, the sound of Yuichi’s wife and the sound of her dream of becoming a singer herself.