Two habits of learning from the blade of demon destruction and producing results at work

There are many things to learn from the blockbuster manga “The Blade of Demon Destruction”. This time, I would like to think from this manga that there are several habits for people who have achieved results at work and are working hard with a heart that is unbeatable.

What is the habit of strengthening yourself from learning from the Blade of Demon Destruction?

The Blade of Demon Destruction has a hint to survive society.

Now, Japan and the world are being attacked by unprecedented situations that have rarely been seen in recent years. The effects of the new coronavirus are large, and i think some of you feel absurd and perish. There will be a lot of unreasonable things in work.

The Blade of Demon Destruction depicts an irrational world, and things can be read in the same way. And, a lot of people who make an effort to overcome this unreasonableness come out. From this manga, I would like to look for hints on how to become stronger with a heart that is not defeated.

Many of the characters in this manga have a strong heart that will not be broken without losing, trying to make a difference in things. On the contrary, it is demons who showed the appearance that the strength was misputee by the broken heart and it was put in.

If you read it, you may feel sympathy and sympathy for the demon’s past. On the other hand, it is not an exaggeration to say that demons express the stupidity, shallowness, and weakness of the mind of man, but on the other hand, it is thought that they become teachers.
the habit of strengthening yourself when a tough person is doing

You can learn from demons, but I want to think about learning from strong people who are not defeated. There are a few habits that they show in their actions that are strong, but here are two.

(1) The custom of immediately addressing the issues in front of you

First of all, the “pillars”, the leader of the Demon Slaughter Corps, which was formed to defeat the main character, Charcoal Jiro and the demons that attack humans, have an immediate attitude toward the challenges in front of them. Take action to clear the issues that have come in front of you without deciding whether you like it or not, whether it’s fun or not.

It’s a good idea to reread the assignment with work. Even if time and circumstances are imminent, we will immediately consider the priorities of what we need to do now. When things pile up, they get stuck and, as a result, can’t concentrate on what’s in front of them, and they tend to be distracted.

However, if you try to work from what came in front of you obediently, even if it takes time for heavy work, there are some people who are clear. The more troublesome things you can do, the better your wisdom and your abilities may help you get ahead of it.

When Hejiro was working on a problem that was given earlier, even if it didn’t work out, Naho-chan, Kiyo-chan, and Sumi-chan gave me advice on breathing techniques. By continuing to use it as a reference, we were able to clear the challenges of difficulties. The result is “full concentration and constant”. I had a great ability to influence my activities.

When the theme of “increasing the number of people who make bruises appear” came out in front of each other’ pillars who were working independently of each other, we trained the members and practiced the pillars (simulated battles between the pillars). As a result, in the battle against Onimai tsuji miserable and kibutsumuzan, it was utilized, defeating the demon of the upper string, and leading to catching up with misery.

A strong person who can do his job is not habitually behind him. You may know that working on things honestly and quickly can further improve your knowledge, skills, and abilities and make you stronger.

(2) Habit of thinking for yourself

When you’re at work, do you ever run into things you don’t know or don’t know? What kind of actiondo do you often take at that time? Many of the characters in The Blade of Demon Destroy make it a habit to think for themselves.

The same is true for strong people who can do their jobs. The habit of “thinking for yourself” is essential to getting things done, getting results, and being confident. “If you don’t know what to do, ask me”, and when I actually asked him, he said, “Don’t you know that?” You may have been told that you have been told that you will not be taught properly. It is unreasonable.

There are times when you say, “I don’t know what to ask.” Therefore, it is not the one that it is good to leave it as it is.

If you are an infant or elementary school student, you will often be able to ask and teach if you have any questions. However, it is not necessarily good to be a member of society and do the same thing. Don’t ask me if I ask you, or think you can teach me 1 to 100.

If you don’t know or can’t, first look it up for yourself, think about it, and have a certain amount of “answer”. Then listen for confirmation. Then, the person who is asked also responds to it. I want to avoid round throwing of things i don’t understand as an adult. Sometimes you don’t have anyone to listen to.

When he was 13 years old, he didn’t know how to stab a demon, so he asked his master, Ryoutaki. Then, Scaletaki said so.

Volume 1 Episode 3 “By Dawn Always Return”

Don’t ask people. Can’t you think with your own head?
(Volume 1, Episode 3, “By The Dawn Always”

It is a sharp word. “It’s ok to teach me!” It seems to think that, but Coal jiro thinks though it is impatient. The result is not in time. As the sun rose and the sun came on, the demon died, and Todome could not stab. Since this time, Hehasro has made it a habit to think, and even during subsequent battles, he has seized opportunities by thinking about ideas.

If you can make it a habit to think for yourself, you will be able to analyze the current situation, check your resources, be able to be creative, have confidence, and grow into a strong self.’

Just listening to the answer will not give you real strength. The exact same thing can be said in the work. “The Blade of Demon Destruction” becomes a textbook of a very good way of working and the way of life according to the way of reading.

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