U-Ipas concludes agreement with Cabinet Secretariat

UiPath concluded a joint agreement with the Cabinet Secretariat’s New Coronavirus Infection Promotion Office on May 20 to “jointly implement robotic process automation for new coronavirus infection-related countermeasures, rpa, artificial intelligence, and other initiatives.”

This means that uipath will make full use of its rpa and AI technologies and knowledge in relation to the Corona Virus lupus, and will promptly and effectively promote various measures, such as infection prevention measures and economic measures implemented by the Promotion Office. The aim is to protect the lives and health of the people, and to contribute to the provision of information to the people and the rapid recovery of economic activities.

UiPath will jointly examine with the Promotion Office on the application of efficiency and optimization of operations using rpa and AI technologies and knowledge cultivated in Japan and overseas, and will cooperate with the Promotion Office to the fullest extent possible in implementing the measures. Specifically, we will consider the use of RPA/AI in the following three operations.

Providing quick, fulfilling and accurate information to the public
Responding to inquiries from the public
Support for prompt information provided through the Cabinet Secretariat’s New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Office regarding new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasure-related measures implemented by central ministries and local governments