Undeclared Visits at nursing homes, movement of partial reopening Corona Virus

Undeclared Visit ation at nursing home Partial resumption movement Corona Virus May 22 8:02

In areas where emergency declarations have been lifted, there is a movement to partially resume visits at nursing homes that have been previously banned to prevent infection, in accordance with industry association guidelines.

The National Council for The Elderly and Welfare Facilities announced last week that emergency declarations have been lifted in many areas, and last week released a response guideline that would allow users of the mitake period to be allowed to visit in an exceptional manner if they are not infected with the new coronavirus and do not see any abnormalities in the health of their families.

In response to this, a woman living in the city visited her mother at a nursing home in Nagoya city, where she resumed meeting with residents during the relaxing period.

The woman checked her health at the entrance to the facility, checked her condition, disinfected her hands and fingers, and went into her mother’s room for the first time in a long time.

Only family members were allowed to visit, but women enjoyed interacting with them by feeding them jelly.

The woman said, “I’m very happy to see my mother and touch her face-to-face when i think that I might not have even been able to touch my mother when something happened.”

Yoko Inokai, an advisor to Sadatokukai, a social welfare corporation that operates the facility, said, “Some people are happy to see me, and i think it’s good to do it, but i still can’t wipe the anxiety of infection. We would like to make sure that we can visit the country with a proper check system with utmost consideration for infection prevention, but i think there are still some troubling issues of how to adopt a new way of life.”