Vietnamese Prime Minister appeals strict measures to curb infection

Vietnamese Prime Minister Appeals for Strict Measures to Curb Infections May 22 at 8:56

Vietnamese Prime Minister Hook, who has been successful in curbing the spread of the new coronavirus, said in an interview that strict measures have led to the suppression of infection, and that he hopes to accelerate the recovery of the economy by attracting foreign investment and tourists.
Vietnam has been proactive in strengthening water-control measures, such as banning foreigners from entering the country, and has taken strict measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as thoroughly isolating infected people and contactpeople and restricting economic activities.

The number of infected people so far has remained only 324, and no deaths have been released, and economic activities and schools have been reopened since mid-April.

Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Suan Phue, who has led the measures, responded to interviews with some foreign media, including NHK, in the capital Hanoi on The 21st night.

In it, Mr. Hook said, “The new coronavirus is very dangerous and no vaccine has been developed. Strict measures are important to protect the lives and health of the people,” he said, stressing that thorough measures led by the government have led to the suppression of infection.

He said that “suppressing infection scares foreign investors and tourists into Vietnam,” and expressed the idea of actively appealing these results and accelerating the recovery of the economy by attracting investment and tourists.