“We are taking a step forward” to open professional baseball… Commissioner Saito also motivated to carry out the proposals while playing the actual battle with the proposal in mind.

The resumption of the game will be a big step forward with high attention.

The 8th session of the Corona Virus Antivirus Liaison Conference, established by the Japan Baseball Organization and The J.League, was held on the Web conference system on 22 Nd.

In an online interview held after the meeting, Commissioner Saito made it clear that “the guidance for the event, which will be held around 80 pages, was completed and distributed to all teams yesterday,” and referred to the regular press conference of Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike.

Governor Yuriko Koike released a roadmap for relieving requests for leave if the state of emergency was lifted during a regular press conference held on the same day. In response to the move to “Step 1” to release the declaration, and saying that it would be possible to use the sports facilities and “conduct a no-spectator game,” Commissioner Saito expressed his desire to open the game with no intention, saying, “I think it will depend on the situation, but I would like to carry out the actual battle with the attention of the teachers with hope in mind.”

The basic policy of the recommendations by the team of experts stated that “in order to prevent the spread of infection and to maintain socio-economic activities, the event of a game in professional baseball and the J-League will be a major step forward with high attention for the public,” said Emeritus Professor Mitsuo Kago of Tohoku University, who chairs the expert team, “we still do not foresee it.” We are taking a step forward in the direction of the event.”

In this “Proposal Version 2”, various items are included in this “proposal version”, and the expert team mentioned the necessity of “game management considering the reduction of the burden on the player”, and the consideration and recommendation of “pre-inspection of the player and the team person concerned, antigen, PCR, antibody, etc.”, there is also a balance with the medical system.

Regarding the preliminary inspection, Commissioner Saito said, “I would like to do it if I could, but there are also difficult issues such as the accuracy of the inspection. I have the hope that the players and staff will take it into consideration.” He said no details had been set, but said he would like to conduct a preliminary check on the players if some of the concerns were cleared.