Why rich people don’t save money

◆ Running to extreme savings is the same as stopping thinking
When it comes to recession, the reason why so many people save money is because they don’t have to think too much. Saving is easy. The reason is that it only has to switch to the cheaper one by gamman or comparing it.

It is easy not to think. Therefore, even the child can do it. In fact, “10,000 yen a month, how can I reduce my living expenses? It won’t be that difficult to answer that question.

How can we increase our income by 10,000 yen a month? What would you answer to the question? Can you come up with some ideas? Some people may not think of it easily.

It is a part-time job that many people come to mind in “side job”. This is because it is easy to get a part-time job. You don’t have to think for yourself, and if you work for a certain amount of time, you’ll definitely get an hourly rate. This is also a classic example of stop thinking.

It is sometimes said that saving is ingenuity, but savings are basically a defense, no matter how devised. It is a stingy strategy. I don’t want to be satisfied with the kind of ingenuity.

◆”Living within the income range” is the correct answer
To begin with, for example, if you take 300,000 yen a month, the maximum amount that can be used no matter how much you save is 300,000 yen. The consumption tax hike and the burden of social insurance premiums will also increase, and the number of take-outs will decrease steadily.

In addition, if inflation becomes in the future, the families of savings savers will fall more and more. Even if you deposit money in a bank, interest is losing out to inflation, so you’re on the decline.

Nevertheless, is it really beneficial to have advice on “let’s live within the income range”?

Spending also decreases because the income has decreased. It is necessary temporarily, but that alone leads to a shrinking balance of household budgets. Such an idea is the same as thinking, “Because my ability is such a thing, the target is such a thing”. In other words, it also leads to a shrinking balance of life.

When I was working on saving money by making money for investment, my range of action smaller, new challenges decreased, and my days passed only by the round trip between home and company.

Attack more than that. Think about how you can earn more and make the pie itself bigger. Think about how you can spend money making life more interesting. Aiming at the expansion balance of household son, aiming at the expansion equilibrium of life. Don’t you think it’s more fun?

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