Will Mr. Light Source, played by Yudai Chiba, return to the original world? Nice! Mr. Light Source’s Final Story

Dora “Like” starring Yudai Chiba Mr. Light source” – NHK General, every Saturday at 23:30. The final picture scroll “Kokun-kun-bai-bai”, which will be broadcast on May 23, will be broadcast. The final episode is held in.

This drama is based on the popular comic of the same name serialized in women’s comic magazines, and is a comedy that transcends the millennia of laughter while being out of the ordinary. In “Genji Monogatari”, Heian aristocrat and Mr. Light Source, who lived in the world of Masa, appeared in a present age with completely different world views. I was surprised at the gap between the real world and the real world that i was natural to see, and enjoyed it.

Mr. Light source who has made a lot of women as an absolute beauty boy toki for a thousand years is made to live in the home like the string of the now wind which is sober and does not have confidence in me. Saori feels uncomfortable at first, but gradually is healed by the presence of Mr. Light Source. At that point, the characters of the new Genji story appeared in the two, even that lieutenant general. Chiba, Ito, Kiriyama Ren, Iriyama Anna, Kamio Kaede, Kote Shinya, etc. will appear.

The final story , the final picture scroll , the synopsis
“No one you love is happy,” saori tells me, and Mitsuo Chiba lives an awkward life with Saori Ito. To hear about the trouble, Light invited the lieutenant general Kiriyama, who is disgusted with his supporting life one day, and decided to drink alcohol for the first time since he jumped to the present day. Mr. Light source and the lieutenant confide in each other the trouble that they were having in their chests, and encourage each other.

Saori, on the other hand, gets a call from missing Philip (thick-cut Jason) and learns how to turn the light back on with a dimensional jump. And, Saori who was told an unexpected thing from the light is shaken for a moment though it tries to tell the light after it hesitates.