After all, the most likely of the opening pitcher who was not “publicized” in the baseball team is after all

◆ Suddenly, the ball spring

Due to the problem of the new coronavirus, the professional baseball world is still in a state of arranging for the start of the season. Although no specific opening date has been announced, the exit of the tunnel is steadily approaching.

As the pace of spreading the infection gradually slowed and the release of emergency declarations progressed nationwide, the Japanese professional baseball team confirmed the guideline sought to “start the season after mid-January” after a meeting of representatives of the Baseball Team on The Day of The National Baseball Team. Commissioner Saito also said that the specific schedule was “a minimum condition for the cancellation of the declaration of emergency”, but said, “If it is lifted, I believe that we will be able to inform you of the schedule and other matters as soon as possible.”

If you believe the word “after the middle of June”, it is possible that the months have already expired. If you replace it with the usual calendar, each team will gradually move away from the camp area, and it will be about the beginning of March when the open game becomes full-fledged all over Japan.

For the opening day, which is finally approaching, attention is paid to the “opening pitcher” of each baseball team again here. I want to look back on the pitcher’s announcement or the announcement of the opening pitcher in some way.

This time, i’ll take up dena who got into second place after the giants who won the championship.

◆ Always calculate with an eye on the opening

The team is the only team in the team that has not had the announcement of the opening pitcher or the reported announcement of the offer. When coach Alex Ramirez appeared in an online interview on Sunday, he avoided making any statements about the opening pitcher or rotation, and it seems that he has a policy of “looking at the future.” In the meantime, it might be Shota Imanaga of the left arm to be in the pole position of the opening pitcher fight.

Last year, the man who served as his first starting pitcher marked a career-high. His defense rate of 2.91 and 186 strikeouts were also his best. In 2018, he was sluggish with four wins and 11 losses and a 6.80 defense rate, and at one point he was out of the starting line-up, contributing to the team’s second-place breakthrough with a stunning comeback.

In this season, when he is expected to play an active part as a major pillar of the team that cannot be pushed or pushed, he threw three games and 13 innings in the open game to achieve a good defense rate of 2.77. During the period of the postponement of the opening, he continued to make adjustments, taking a positive view that he had time to review his body from the inside out.

When he appeared in an online interview on Sunday, he said that “the sharpness of the body has not yet come out”, but “if it can be opened in the second half of The Moon, it is about a month and a half before the opening. Just before entering the camp in the last period of the voluntary training,” he said, revealing that he was preparing while calculating the reverse, with the image of the opening. By the time the opening day is set, it will be finished well.

I’m this naga, who has won the first pitch of last year in a team that has traditionally not performed well in the opening round. I can keep an eye on whether i can lead my team to the championship with a white star this season.

▼ The opening pitcher of the season here

2010 (●) Randolph[16Tries2Wins9Losses4.25]
2011 (-) Shogo Yamamoto[21Tries2Wins11Losses5.92]
Kentaro Takasaki in 2012[24 Tries 7 Wins 10 Losses 3.20]
2013 (-) Fujii Hidego[21 Tries 6 Wins 5 Losses 3.54]
2014 (●) Kazuki Mishima[ 8 Tries 1 Win 2 Defeat 10.88]
2015 (●) Yasutomo Kubo[21 Tries 8 Wins 7 Losses 4.12]
2016 (○) Shoichi Inou[23 Tries 7 Wins 11 Losses 3.50]
2017 (●) Kendai Ishida[18 Tries 6 Wins 6 Losses 3.40]
2018 (●● Kendai Ishida[23 Tries 3 Wins 7 Losses 4.97]
2019 (○) Shota Imanaga[25Tries13Wins7Losses2.91]

2020 (forecast) Shota Imanaga[second consecutive year]

◆ Shota Imanaga

Position: Pitcher
Pitching: Left-handed pitching
Height/weight: 178 cm / 85 kg
Birthday: September 1, 1993
Career: Kitachikutaka – Komadai – DeNA
[昨季成績] 25 tries (170.0 times) 13 wins, 7 losses, 3 186 defense 2.91
[通算成績] 94 Tries (538.0 times) 36 wins, 34 losses, 3542 Defense 3.55