AKB48, Yuki Kashiwagi × Junnosuke Watanabe “Value of Money”

BAR “SPEAKEASY” was secretly managed in the age of prohibition. In 2020, there was such a secret bar in the city of Tokyo. “TOKYOEASY SPEAK” is open from Monday to Thursday at 1 a.m. Big guests from all over the world come and talk about talking only here, or not.

On May 19, guests were AKB48 Yuki Kashiwagi and WACK producer Junnosuke Watanabe.

From left: Yuki Kashiwagi and Junnosuke Watanabe

◆Watanabe “Money is the price of enthusiasm”

Watanabe: People say, “I’m great to see the money side properly,” but I love money.

Kashiwagi- Eh I really want to hear the story.

Watanabe: I look at my passbook every day.

Kashiwagi I’ve never seen one before! The opposite is true.

Watanabe: Is that so? So, if you’re being charged with the wrong expenses or something, that’s all you’re worried about. On the other hand, it’s a great experience to have them do it together. It’s strange to say i’m connected to creative.

Kashiwagi: Then, do you feel like you have to think about how to make money or something, rather than have no choice but to do so?

Watanabe: That’s right. I think money is the price of a frenzy. I think the more you please the other person, the more money you get. As the number of passbooks increases little by little, i wonder if I can still work hard.

Kashiwagi: Is it like a testimony that pleased people?

Watanabe: That’s right.

◆Kashiwagi “I’m not cut out for producers”

Kashiwagi: Oh, that’s what it is. On the contrary, i’m really not interested in money. Maybe i can’t do this job if I start to care. After all, is it a difference of the sense of the side which assumes the side to be produced rather than the front stage? That’s why I thought I couldn’t produce it for the rest of my life. I’m not very interested in people.

Watanabe: Are you interested in people?

Kashiwagi: I think producers are watching every single one. I thought it was amazing.

Watanabe: But each and every one of us couldn’t see it easily. And, i think that akimoto is also so, but i mean a terrible number.

Kashiwagi: There are a lot of people, aren’t they?

Watanabe: So, there are 40 children who belong now, but even 40 of them have a limited number of children who communicate with them. After all, it is a favorite by all means.

Kashiwagi: It’s sour, isn’t it? I’m on this side, so I don’t think everyone is all.

Watanabe: Yes. Somehow, the guy who’s going to make a little phone call.

Kashiwagi- Yes, yadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa However, it is the story which is anxious very much.

Watanabe: No, I’m also worried about this. When you communicate, what are you happy about when you are told, or something that has been a little shaving. Isn’t it very important to be together and motivate you? I’m doing it from the standpoint of a producer, but if we don’t have idols or performers, we can’t do business either. After all, it is by all means.

Kashiwagi: Is it better to have a synergistic effect?

Watanabe: That’s right.

Watanabe “I feel like a big brother around here”

Watanabe: What did you say to Mr. Akimoto that you were happy to say?

I don’t see Akimoto so often. However, even if there are only those people, I am glad to hear that this was good. He’s watching me! I think i’m the most happy. And i’m not that angry.

Watanabe: Oh, that’s right.

Kashiwagi: So I’m very happy to be able to say what I thought was good.

Watanabe: I thought of one thing now, but i think it’s a place like Akimoto-san. If it’s me, it’s like a big brother around here, so i’m kind of saying, “Why don’t you look at it?”

Kashiwagi: Oh. The relationship is different.

Watanabe: That might be a little bit.

Kashiwagi: Don’t you get told by the members? It’s like, “This kid is just a boy, isn’t she?” Isn’t that right?

Watanabe: I say it quite face-to-face. “I like her the most,” he says, and she’s the type of person who has the best face.

Kashiwagi- Oh, that’s funny. Amazing right.

Watanabe: So, there might be a child who thinks he’s not going to deal with me.

Kashiwagi: I’m sure.

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