At the end of the Sp edition of Theseus’ Ship, viewers “Adults…

The final episode of “TheShip spoiler SP of Theseus” was broadcast from midnight on Sunday 22nd, when the encore broadcast of “Theseus’s Ship Spoiler SP”, a series of drama starring actor Ryoma Takeuchi, which aired on Sunday slated for january of this year at 9 p.m. This time, it is broadcast as a special edition, the last is significantly added unpublished scenes that are not in the main part, SNS “how to end this “The last cut It was taken at a dash”, “I was watching the main story, but cry again “The ship of Theseus is the best after all. The voice went up.
 The drama is based on the manga of the same name by Toshiya Tomoto, which was serialized in the weekly manga magazine “Morning” kodansha. The story of the mystery of the “Onsu-small indiscriminate murder” in which the main character, Tamura Shin-takeuchi, went back in time 31 years ago and his father, police officer Fumigo Sano, and Ryohei Suzuki were arrested. Nana Eikura and Juri Ueno also appeared. At the time of the broadcast, the discussion of the search for the true culprit was exciting, and the final episode that was broadcast on March 22 recorded an average viewership of 19.6% according to video research and kanto area.
 In the final episode, a diary from a word processor in the station, a diary describing the crime, is found in the garden of a cali of a blue acid, and Bungo is arrested. Bungo admits a series of charges of the incident and confesses. Nana Eikura and Kazuko and Kazuko Are i shocked when Bungo tells them to “break the relationship with their families.” In the meantime, the last message arrives from the mastermind in the mind to pursue the truth of the case. It was the one which urged the ultimate choice to the mind. In order to change the past and save the future of the family, the heart makes a certain determination. After that, the members of the Sano family gather to report to Bungo that there is a baby in yuki (Ueno Juri)’s tummy. It was development.
 At the end of the special edition, members of the Sano family gathered to see the grown Shingo Sawabe Yu-san arrive at the store, shingo’s occupation was revealed, and the scene sing-along scenes by Suzue-Nichiya Shihori and Shingo’s gorgeous crab dishes were added. In addition, illustrations of Mr. Tomoto appeared. Some people said that shingo’s occupation had been revealed, that he was laughing, that he was crying more tears in the illustrations of Mr. Tomoto.