“Cheering up in Calais” Support for children who are absent from school Saitama Kumagaya

“Cheering up in Calais” Support for children who are closed Saitama Kumagaya May 23 15:46

As the school was temporarily closed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, restaurants in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture, offered curry and rice free to local junior high school students in an effort to support their children’s meals.

This initiative was organized by a restaurant in Kumagaya City to support and cheer up the meals of children who are closed temporarily.

A temporary tent was set up in the parking lot of the restaurant in the city, and the curry and rice with rice and vegetables provided by local farmers were distributed free of charge to junior high school students in the area, along with milk, which was scheduled to be used for school lunches.

Junior high school students visited the hall one after another before noon, and when volunteers asked me to study hard, I received curry and rice with a joyful expression on my face.

The first-year junior high school student who visited said, “I’m grateful to have curry and rice. It’s hard to go out only once in a while, but I want to eat curry and study hard.”

Makoto Horikoshi, who runs the restaurant he organized, said, “We worked as a team on the provision and distribution of ingredients in the community. I want them to study and do their best when they get well after eating curry and when school resumes.”