Children in needy households are not receiving online learning support

About 3% of children in need ya i don’t receive online learning support” May 23 17:32

As schools are closed and self-imposed control continues to take place, a survey by NPOs in Tokyo that supports families in need of living has found that the gap in the learning environment is widening, with about a quarter of children saying that they are not receiving online learning support.
Learning for All, a non-profit organization that provides learning support and location creation for children in need, has stopped providing face-to-face learning support due to school closures.

This month, the NPO conducted a questionnaire survey of approximately 200 students and their parents from elementary school to third year of high school.

Accordingly, 29% of children and students and 39% of parents said they did not receive assistance in providing online learning support.

The reasons were that there was no personal computer or communication environment, and that it was difficult to set up even if there was one.

Some students in the third year of junior high school were worried about their career path, saying, “I might be able to go on to a better high school, but I’m thinking about giving up.”

Mr. Lee, the representative director of The University of Japan, said, “I am concerned that the gap in learning will widen further in the future. We would like to support children to create a learning environment.”