Comfortable telework technique of one person living[intermediate part]work efficiency up with a desk and a chair

Once you’ve decided where to build your room, the next thing you want to think about is your work environment. The key to work efficiency is desks and chairs. It’s hard to take up a place in a 1K or studio, and it’s hard to get items that you can’t place from the beginning. I asked Interior Coordinator And Arrangement Storage Advisor Nakanishi Hachieka about tips on creating a reasonable and comfortable working environment.[Step01]folding desk is a strong ally of the studio

Most people in the company work on desks and chairs. However, when it comes to home, there are unexpectedly many people living alone who have only low tables. If you are an experienced person, you will understand that working for long periods of time at a low table will put a lot of strain on your body. Mr. Nakanishi also advises that even if you have only a low table, it is easier to have a desk and a chair for telework if possible.

“Even if you prepare a desk, it’s not as solid as it is for a company, but a folding type is enough. When you don’t use it, you can fold it up and put it in the corner of the room, so it should be easy to introduce people who already have a low table. The point that there are various products that are reasonable is also attractive in terms of budget.”

Moreover, it is a lifttype table which can change the height like the ironing board to be unexpectedly convenient. You can use high tables at work and low tables when you’re private, so if you’re looking to buy a desk at this time, you can choose to buy it.

“The size of the desk is fine if you have a PC and space to put materials, so you don’t need a large size. Consider the size of the PC you use at work and the materials you use, and the space for coffee and other things to figure out how much space you need.”

Desk work is easier for you than a desk and a chair.[Step02]chair + cushion to reduce fatigue

The best thing about choosing a chair is the balance between the height of the desk. In general, it is desirable that the height of the seat surface of the chair and the height of the top plate of the desk is about 27 ~ 30cm away. “The next thing I want to check is the seat material,” says Nakanishi.

“Hard and cold materials are a burden on the body and make it easier to get tired. If only such a chair can be prepared, it is important to spread the cushion etc. which are not too soft and adjust it. It is recommended because the burden on the shoulder is reduced if the elbow can be put on the knee. If you spend a lot of time on your PC, you should choose a chair with a backrest.”

You should also be careful where you can see when you sit in a chair. It’s easy to concentrate on your work, because it’s not distracting to keep it clean. It’s easy for visitors to feel that the house is cleaned up, just by setting up the first place to open the front door.

On the other hand, the back side where the line of sight is not suitable may be messy, so it might be one way to make the place which was cleaned up for an online meeting a front while working. If it is a desk of the folding type, the position can be easily changed at such time and it is convenient.

Chairs that don’t fit your body cause back pain and stiff shoulders.[Step03]temperature and humidity meter to help maintain concentration

Temperature and humidity are very much involved in work efficiency, even though it is difficult to be aware of. The office is too hot or too cold to concentrate, or eventually i get sick and go down. There will be a lot of people who have such an experience. I want to prepare the temperature and humidity meter in the telework so that i can work comfortably.

“With a temperature and humidity meter, you can manage the indoor environment in numbers, making it easier to maintain a comfortable condition. Especially, the humidity is hard to notice, and it is said that it is generally appropriate in summer 50-60, and 40-50 in winter. The mucous membrane of the mouth and the nose dries when it is lower than this, and the balance of moisture and the salt in the inside of the body collapses when it is high, and neither is good for health. The temperature varies from person to person, so it’s a good idea to check the temperature you feel comfortable with with a thermometer.”

As well as managing temperature and humidity, time management is important for telework. There is nothing like a company that teaches you lunchtime or closing hours, so it’s easy to forget about sleeping and working when you concentrate. Mr. Nakanishi set the timer alarm for lunch so as not to become irregular life. It is said that it will stop working without fail when ringing, and eat meal.

“Setting the alarm every hour, and moving the body lightly, it is better to change your mind moderately, as a result, the efficiency of work will be increased. Bathing in the sun is also effective in refreshing your mood. When I visited Sweden before, they were on the veranda with a cup of coffee during the break. If you have a veranda in your room, you can spread picnic sheets or take out chairs, where you might want to have lunch or a break.”

Check temperature and humidity for health care

Nakanishi Hachieka

He is an interior coordinator and storage advisor who works mainly in Yokohama City. After graduating from the Department of Architecture, The University of Setanan, he became independent after working for a housing manufacturer and interior design firm. In 2013, ra-CREA was founded, and so far, it has been involved in interior coordination for more than 250 customers. He also holds qualifications such as first-class architects, lighting consultants and art life stylists. His book is “How to Make a Home Office” (RA-CREA Books).