Corona Virus, Italy’s death toll could be nearly 19,000 more

Corona Virus Italy death toll could be nearly 19,000 more may 23, 4:00

Italian authorities said the number of domestic deaths in the two months to last month was about 47,000 more than at the same time in the past five years.
“The majority of the increased death toll is likely to be due to the spread of the new coronavirus,” he concluded, adding that the number of deaths from the outbreak could be closer to 19,000 more than previously announced.
Italy’s Social Insurance Organization announced that it found that all deaths in the country increased by about 47,000 in the two months to March and April 20, compared with the average death toll at the same time over the past five years.

By region, the death toll has increased nearly twice as much as the average figure over the past five years, especially in the north, where infection conditions have been severe.

The Social Insurance Organization concluded that “the majority of the deaths are thought to be due to the spread of infection at the time.”

On top of that, the government has announced that about 10,000 people have been killed by the new coronavirus in the last few months, which could actually be even higher.