Deprived Love, Winter ” ” Masterpiece Selection – Episode 1 – Dorokyun Theater of Love Again Suzuki Osamu …

The first episode of “Masterpiece Selection” of the series “Take Love, Winter” starring Kana Kurashina, which aired in the january 2017 period, will be broadcast from 11:15 p.m. on May 23. Too intense “Dorokyun Theater of Love” will be broadcast again. “M There’s a Lovable Person” suzuki Osamu is in charge of the screenplay, and Shohei Miura and Miki Mizuno go on a rampage.
 The drama is a radical love drama that depicts the characters’ “scrambling love and depriving love”. The main character, Mitsuko Ikeuchi, who works for a design company, is engaged to his junior wife, Kota Okukawa, and Mr. Miura, but reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Nobuaki Otani, who is married to Ran Moriyama, rekindled his feelings. The story that.
 The first episode is a light one day, and it is proposed by the assistant and lover Kota. Light, who was biting happiness, will take part in a logo design competition for a construction company. When Kota kissed in the elevator to encourage the nervous light, there was a shin that Light once loved, which suddenly disappeared three years ago, behind the open door. On that day, a shadow begins to cast on the life of a happy and shining light. The story that.