“Ellie of love” is completed with dessert, with collaboration CD with “I’m a senior”

Today, May 23, in the July issue of Dessert Kodansha, Fuji momo “Ellie of love” is completed. In addition to the cover of both this work and Azusa Mase “Mai, Senior”, the drama CD by the collaboration of both works was bundled as an appendix.
“Ellie of Love”, which started the series in 2015, is a love comedy depicting erika Ichimura, a sober high school girl who enjoys delusional tweets under the name Of Ellie, who is in love with her, and Akira Omi, the school’s best handsome man. In the final episode, Erikako, who can’t quite tell Omi that it’s her birthday, was drawn. In the September issue of Dessert, which will be released on July 21, the extra edition of this work will be published.
The cover and appendix of this issue commemorate the 11 volumes of “Ellie of Love” and the drama CD, “Mai, Senior” 9 volumes and drama CDs to be released on June 10 and 17, respectively. The eriko role of “Ellie of the love” is Ozawa Alee, omi role is Nobuhiko Okamoto, “I’m a senior”, Mizukawa senior role is Yoshimasa Hosotani, Serina Koshino plays Aya Suzaki, and the content that four people appear on the radio program “I came, love and love radio” is developed in the drama CD of the appendix. In the magazine, fuji and mase’s first conversation, and the colored paper present by the cast of the CD were developed.
In this issue, all applicants presented in conjunction with the last 14 volumes of Anashin “Spring Waiting Us”. As a present, all volume storage BOX using illustrations drawn by Anashin was prepared. Please check the details of how to apply in this magazine.